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Why Register Your Business?

Owning a small business may be quite risky. Incorporating your business will minimize the amount of legal responsibility you have. As a result, your company and you are now two separate legal entities, and any losses the business sustains are no longer your personal responsibility. The business will be accountable for its debts. Additionally, incorporation is a wonderful help if you want to keep the activities of your business a secret.

Access To Capital Is Simple

Businesses may quickly raise money by issuing shares.

Build Your Credibility

Having legal standing helps firms in gaining the confidence of their clients.

Existence indefinitely

Even after an owner dies, businesses continue to operate

Pricing Plans

Start Your Business with Ease

  • Make sure you're not liable for any business debts.
    Ensure you're not on the hook for business liabilities
  • Company Formation through a Simple Process:
    Our 3 step process discards with entering your details, Then selecting a service and lastly payment.
  • Save Money on Taxes:
    For potential savings you get to decide whether you're are taxed as a LLC or a Corporation

Our Company Formation Structures

Limited Liability Company (LLC)

A limited liability company's (LLC) owners are not responsible for any damages incurred by their businesses. One of the greatest corporate forms for small enterprises, so the theory goes, is this one. Compared to other company forms, an LLC is often easier to administer and less costly to form.


Making an IRS S corporation election allows a business to opt to be taxed as a pass-through entity. These businesses have a right to income, deductions, and corporate losses. S corporations are useful in business acquisitions and sales.


Owners and the business are handled separately for tax reasons in C-corporations. C-Corporation taxes earnings from a business twice: once at the corporate level and once at the individual level.

Non-Profit Organization

Non-profit institutions are not in business to earn money. In contrast to an LLC, S-Corp, or C-Corp, its employees get a portion of the company's income. Investors get nothing in return.


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